Thursday, May 19, 2016


Few weeks ago, I easily sold my "Game Of Thrones", "Dan Brown" and "Fifty Shades of Grey" series books on Twitter. So I decided to extend the sales to my blog and show you some of the books I'm selling. I am in UB, so all you need to do is express your interest to buy one of these books and write down your number. I will call you and you can pick the books from me at The Regency Residence (next to the Continental Hotel, the building with the MexiKhan Restaurant).

1. "Steve Jobs" by Walter Isaacson (Hard Cover) - 50,000₮
Do I even need to write anything here? It's a great (big fat) book to have in your library and all your friends will beg to borrow it from you.

2. "Сайн Охид Тэнгэрт, Муу нь Хаа Сайгүй" by Үтe Эрхардт - 15,000₮
It's a self help book for ladies that my mother translated from German to Mongolian. The book asks why women need to have double standards? Why when we do what we want, we are called names, such as "Bitch", "Crazy women", etc. Must we become wives and mothers? etc. 

3. "Aesop's Fables" by Aesop - 15,000₮
I'm not sure people know this famous Aesop's Fables ("Аесопийн Зүйр Цэцэн Үгс" - in Mongolian) book. Written so simply with photos to support the fables, it is a great book to have in your library and open time to time for some wisdom words.

4. "Tuesdays With Morrie" by Mitch Albom - 20,000₮
What would you do if you were dying? What would you say to your loved ones? Are you happy with your life you've endured? Did you do enough? Read this heart warming novel about an old man, a young man and life's greatest lesson

5. "Atonement" by Ian McEwan - 15,000₮
Became a major motion picture movie with Keira Knightley, this novel is about a tragic love story, which was ruined by a silly young girl's imagination. Unbelievable and at times of war, this book is a wonderful read

6. "The Designer Says - Quotes, Quips and Words of Wisdom" by Sara Bader - A fashion book - 20,000₮
I was big on quotes, so I bought many fables and famous quoted books. This book is fun fashion book. Great to have next to your bed and read one page a day for fun.

7. "Never Leave the House Naked - And 50 Other Ridiculous Fashion Rules" - 20,000₮
Fun book to open now and then and just laugh :)

8. "The Economist: Marketing For Growth - The role of marketers in driving revenues and profits" by Iain Ellwood - 30,000₮

9. "A Networking Guide for Women" by Marny Lifshen and Thom Singer - 20,000₮
I recently finished reading this book. It teaches about how to work in a man-dominated work environment, how to stand out, what are the obstacles women face at work, how to find job via networking, why should you network (whether you are introvert or extrovert), etc. At first, it seemed too obvious and bland, but this book will surprise you here and there. 

10. "The Financial Times Further Mathematics for Economic Analysis" by Knut Sydsaeter, Peter Hammond, Atle Seierstad and Arne Strøm - 50,000₮
This is an advanced math book for advanced math college students. See if you can solve math problems Danish students master at my university :)
11. "Introductory Econometrics - A Modern Approach" by Wooldrich, 4th edition - 50,000₮
Forecasting, regression analysis, explanations and how-tos. 
12. "Oxford - Dictionary of Statistics" by Graham Upton and Ian Cook - 30,000₮
Oxford always makes study language easier. This dictionary is no exception!
13. "HTML in an Instant"- 50,000₮
Coding, how to make website on your own, etc.

Friday, December 18, 2015

How To Live In UB in Winter (-30C)?

  1. If you can afford it, you need a Canada Goose or a fur coat, "over the knee" high boots or UGG boots, lots of cashmere (sweater, hat, scarf and gloves), double woollen pants to wear under your pants, and a shot of vodka.
  2. Stay indoors.
  3. Do not breath the air in the city, especially in the night.
  4. If you do not want to slip, break a bone or die on the street, do not walk confident! Walk like a penguin, because the pedestrian streets are full of lethal frozen ice, and the only way to walk on it is to slide or walk like a penguin.
  5. UB is small, so if you want to reach a destination, you'd better walk. Walking is faster than driving your car, because with a car you will be stuck in a traffic you cannot control and you will have the parking problem. Plus, you will be stressed out and you will age faster.
  6. Always carry a book or a Kindle with you, because people will be late. 
  7. Do not expect anything from anyone and anything. This is the only way you do not over stress yourself or feel disappointed. Plus, you will be super happy if something or someone does something right :) This is something I have learnt in Denmark - the big secret why Danes are the happiest people on Earth - LOWER YOUR EXPECTATION.
  8. Drink. Eat. Sleep well. There is no other way to survive in UB in winter.
  9. At the new year's parties, expect women to be dressed like they are going to the World Miss Competition or as if it is a summer - boobs and legs will be out, big hair, painted/tattooed eyebrows, fake eyelashes, etc. Men just get a shower, shave, put a suit on and gel their hair - lucky bastards.
  10. Get ready for new year parties with your family, friends and other friends, high school classmates, college classmates, former work colleagues, current work colleagues, and other corporate parties. Apologise to your liver in advance. 
  11. Do not look too pretty and stay away from drunk and handsy men or women.
  12. Do not quit or get fired from your job. You need it to pay for all the party expenses.
  13. Thank god you have parents and relatives to invite you for homemade dinner and lunch. Screw the healthy eating rules. You need a real Mongolian hot milk tea and lots of meat/fat to survive in this winter.
  14. Winter is coming. No, winter has come. Avoid being single, because you need someone to cuddle with and stay warm in the dark times. The night is dark and full of terrors!
  15. Use a body cream after you shower. You do not want the "Gobi Desert" situation on your skin!
  16. If you are a smoker, you need an extra smoke on top of this smog. The air pollution is just not enough for you.
  17. It doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman, you need a lip balm. Otherwise, a) you will have the "Apocalypse" lip, b) you will not be able to smile/laugh or it will hurt/crack/bleed when you do, and c) nobody will kiss you. 
  18. I cannot think of anything else right now, so please, let me know how you survive in winter in UB! May the force be with you.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Facebook Purge

I have recently deleted over 800 people on Facebook after realizing that I was Facebook friends with 1160 people – insane numbers! I only add people that I know, but obviously I do not have 1k friends in real life. So, I started deleting people that basically ghost follows me, i.e.: doesn’t interract with me, doesn’t share, etc. Later, I deleted the first time met people. Then, I deleted old high school classmates, university classmates, former colleagues and even current colleagues that are not particularly close to me.

How the hell did I get here? I wanted to just delete my Facebook really, but then, since I am working abroad I really needed it to stay in touch with my family and friends. So, it had to be done. I am not proud of this decision, but I hope people will understand it eventually.

Here are cons and pros of deleting people:

  1. People will be upset. Even if you think the friendship is not close, the other party might think otherwise.
  2. Some people will start despising or worse start hating you.
  3. People will not understand that you want a privacy.
  4. They will start adding you back and some will get even angrier if you do not accept.
  5. Your networking access will shrink. Before, it was just easy to Facebook and ask someone something, but now that you deleted them, what will you do?

    1. People will not even notice that you deleted them. That’s great! You did the right thing to delete those people.
    2. Your Facebook feed will only show the news from you close friends.
    3. You will actually start using Facebook as you should by focusing more on your family and close friends, rather than acquantances.
    4. You no longer need to filter your updates
    5. You will have some control over your social media
    6. You’ll be happier :D

    I did the same on my Instagram, too, but I am not asking you to follow me and mass delete many people from your Facebook. This was my personal choice and it helped me have a little more control over my social media, which eventually triggered a positive effect on my time, family, friendship and happiness. 

    Whatever works for you, do it. Whatever makes you happy, do it.

    No judging,