Thursday, June 17, 2010

Study Opportunity, Scholarship and Advice on Universities of Copenhagen

Back in Ulaanbaatar, when i first found out that i've been accepted to the University of Copenhagen (although it wasn't MIT or Oxford, it was 48th best university in the world when i got in), the first thing i wanted to do was to reach out to my younger students at my Hobby High School and show them that it IS possible for Mongolian students to study and learn at the top universities in the world, and i remember giving a speech and advice to them on SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, application/essay, and looking for the right university for you, etc, with a help of A. Dulguun (University of Tokyo) and G. Badruun's (Stanford University). It was very nice to see positive reactions and some even contacted further for more personal advices.

 (Picture: One of four beautiful lakes near my campus)

Here, I have decided to continue advising on further studies here in Copenhagen, Denmark, to those who are already doing bachelor degrees. In Copenhagen, there are two great universities (in my opinion): University of Copenhagen and its former branch, the new Copenhagen Business School (CBS). Please, take your time and go through its various departments and decide which degree you'd like to pursue for your master (there are various degrees you can choose from - we even have a Degree on HIV!).

There are no scholarships for bachelor degrees in Denmark, but there ARE some for master degrees. So be sure to do your research thoroughly! Scholarship (stipend), for instance, at my department is a coverage of your tuition fee of 10,000EUR per year, plus a monthly amount of DKK 7569 pr month (about 1000 €) for a period of 22 months.

My sister is on a master's scholarship at Roskilde University, in Roskilde city, and so yes, it is possible.

It gets even better - you get paid to do a research! Vacant PhD scholarships in at my department of Economics are announced twice a year, with application deadlines at around May 1 and November 1. Currently, there is a Mongolian professor, U. Otgonbayar, who teaches mathematics at University of Copenhagen, and hence it is not impossible to get here, really.

PhD Scholarships are offered at each of these departments:
  • Department of Economics
  • Department of Political Science
  • Department of Sociology
  • Department of Anthropology
Employment is to begin on February 1, 2012
Current Deadline: November 1, 2011

Apply ASAP. (click here for further information regarding how to reply, requirements, etc.)

Denmark has one of the highest wages in the world. There are great graduate programs in great international companies like Novo Nordisk or Mærsk, but the competition is high and although they say Danish is not required, it's a bonus for your application, so yes, I would say it is not easy to work here. But ofcourse you can find easy part-time waitressing jobs. But do you need to work in such places when you're getting that much financial support on your masters? Think about it.

I am the only Mongolian at my university, and everywhere there are group of Japanese, Korean, and Chinese students sitting together, and i wonder, what would it be like to have some fellow Mongolian students here! This thought has provoked me into writing this. But don't think I'm lonely and miserable, there's always two sides for a story: 'thanks' to the absent Mongolians, luckily and unluckily i have made friends with many wonderful Danes and shockingly many Faroese and Icelandic people. It would just hurt to say goodbye to them when i leave to Mongolia! I don't even want to think about it.

Nevertheless, please grab this opportunity and never underestimate yourself thinking you're not good enough for Uni. Copenhagen, Harvard, Oxford, Hong Kong or whatever. If you're good, then you are good, period. Studying abroad is not easy, yes, you have to work and study twice as hard as the local people, and even more if the language is not English. So think twice before living abroad.

I don't recommend you to come for bachelor here in Copenhagen, because there are no scholarships and Copenhagen is a very expensive place to live. I have come across to many foreign students who went back home, because they couldn't afford living here. So if your parents are middle class, don't play with their savings, be smart and apply somewhere else with scholarships, like the States, Japan, etc. But if you can afford living so, then of course you should apply wherever you wish.

Do yourself a favor and apply to these wonderful scholarships, grants and working possibilities, and come if you're accepted; if not, well at least you've tried! You would be foolish not to give it a try! Me and my sister are the living examples here, and I would be delighted to see my fellow Mongolians doing well as well!

Meanwhile, when you're in deep thoughts (hopefully) for many days, take a look at one of my university's Faculty of Science's 100% CO2-free GREEN building!!!!

Well see you next time! I'll keep on blogging, if you keep on giving me your piece of mind as well! Ask questions, and i'll answer them as best as i can.



  1. uuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  2. You are such a impressive girl. I'm so proud of you. Keep blogging and share your knowledge and experience with others. Waiting for many more interesting articles.

  3. Although I agree 100% with almost all of your points made, Batzul, I disagree on one:

    I would surely suggest everyone to come to Copenhagen to do their Bachelors. Yes, indeed, it is an expensive city. However, the quality of eductaion they would receive here will definitely top that of the US and UK universities.

    It is extremely important for the Bachelor's education to be imformative and efficient. It is the fundament to your future progress.

    I can see what they teach you here in Copenhagen uni, Batzul. The program can be compared to those of the Ivy league unis.

    I did my BSc in London and participated in numerous MSc lectures at Manchester Uni, which is reckoned to be No 15 in the top 100 unis of the world. I've just now graduated from Lund university in Sweden

    Although I'm not that old,I have experienced plenty in terms of education qualities and living standards. So here comes my suggestion to the younger generation:

    If you are smart enough to be able to handle excessive workload and high requirements...if you are willing to digest updated info and be at the heart of THE development...if you wanna be surrounded by intelligent, yet who can have proper fun, people...if you are not scared of, overwhelming wind, dark and rainy days...if you are true to your own principles and can overcome any obstacles...and, finally, if you can find enough fiancial means to support your entire stay while being a student (of course considering that you will also do some part - time jobs), then do your own research, come to Copenhagen, study hard and work hard, experience the "Classy world" also travel within Europe, open up your horizons and progress from there on.

    London, Paris and all those metropolises are overshadowed by excessive numbers of immigrants and the curse of being "Too big and too much".

    And the States is the States. It expresses everything.

    One last note, although Copenahgen is expensive, educaion abroad for us Mongolians is everywhere expensive. The difference in costs cannot be that much. e.g MSc in one of the top unis in the US is around 60 grand USD, while in the UK ~ 15 grand GBP (current exchange rate (GBP = 1.5 USD)And London living expenses ... let me stop on this.

  4. Comment from my friend, Uyanga (Lund University, neighbor Sweden) :D. Reply:

    if people have the money (for the living expense), OFCOURSE come!

  5. Indeed, the post had made it quite clear that the only reason to not go for bachelors in Denmark was the lack of scholarships.

    "And the States is the States. It expresses everything."
    What does it express?

    "The difference in costs cannot be that much."
    This is a misconception. The difference can be very substantial, and the post had mentioned it too.

  6. Hey there, cousin. Great post! Really nice to see you providing useful information to other hopeful Mongolians. Keep up the good work!

  7. for PhD in science, almost in all major universities in US (way more than 100) will provide you funding. Only getting in is the challenge, once you're in they all offer funding.

    I don't know the education in Europe, but from my experience with exchange students from Cambridge, Max Planck, Maxwell... at least in science the education level we're getting is very similar. Its only up to you if you can run to the top.

  8. and copenhagen is #7 in world's most expensive cities:

  9. there are a few scholarships at undergraduate but not sure if any are at KU though. i was on one :)

  10. Dear Nyasha,

    that is Danida scholarship, MOngolia is not valid on that, because Danida thinks Mongolia is no longer poor, hehe. i did my research!

  11. Hi, thaanks, I was surprised to find a blog with such an advice from a fellow Mongolian. Your english and writing skill is very good BTW. I have one question, to be accepted for a scholarship, how high should my GPA must be for bachelor's degree? If u know and can answer it, appreciate it a loot. Also what are the factors that affect admission and scholarship?

    1. I think it varies from departments to departments. At my Economics Department, they tend to give the master scholarships to Ethiopian students - their average grade is A (not below), perfect English skills and very hardworking students. They were always the best in the class. Hence the Ethiopian students had a great reputation advantage over other nationalities. I cannot comment on other departments.

      However, they look at your essay very thoroughly to seek what makes you so special. If you are a Mongolian, you're already a special person from the most sparsely populated country in the whole world (after Greenland, if it becomes independent of Denmark) and it is one of the fastest growing countries in the world. Moreover, personal achievements are very important that are extracurricular - charities, volunteering, sports, competitions... etc. If you are single parented child, that is also impressive.... and so forth.

  12. p.s You seem to be studying for bachelor's degree. Did u get scholarship for that?

    1. There is no scholarship for bachelor degrees at KU; hence, no - I studied on personal expenses.

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