Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Embarrassing Confession


Sarcasm is essential in Denmark. Don’t think the Danish bartender is weird or believe him if he says there is NO beer when you ask for one, because what he’s actually saying is ‘ofcourse there’s a beer here’. He or she may be flirting with you or maybe he or she can be just sarcastic, it’s tricky, but you just have to play along in this game. Danes take sarcasm to a whole another level than the ordinary daily comments like ‘what a great weather’ when it’s raining, wet and cold. There’s also the dirty ones like ‘gruppe seks’ for group six in danish, which sounds like group sex, etc. This danish sarcasm and humor were at first very annoying and hard for me to understand, because i tended to take things very seriously or take it as it is or understand it as it is told.

Still i don’t understand some jokes my friends say after 1 and 7 months in Denmark. i would be the only expressionless and not-laughing person in the group, because i’m always the only international most of the time [why??? i don’t know]. They would look at me and clearly see that i didn’t get the joke, and so they try to explain why it’s funny, but then even if i understand it, it’s no longer funny anymore. So, yeah, that’s why it sucks for you if you don’t have a sense of humour. Yes, it’s just sad, but when you get a grip of it, these danish stupid and most ridiculous jokes start to make sense and you’ll understand the logic eventually.

There were times i fake laughed at a joke i didn’t understand, the way i was fake laughing was so stupid that i laughed really hard at myself, and it pulled off very well. The way i was fake laughing was just unbelievably funny to me, so i laughed at myself, yes. I can’t believe i’m confessing myself, but well, these were times when i just came to Denmark; now i make my own jokes and laugh really from my heart; so why not share my most embarrassing moments with you all.


The first day i arrived in Copenhagen was unbelievably ‘Hogwarts’. All the buildings somehow looked very castle-like and very ancient, so i asked a family: so you all almost live in castle, huh? But that’s not my most embarrassing moments. I go into the wild and very far away from the city to see swans and ducks in Mongolia. And the first time i saw swan and duck in Copenhagen, i literally jumped up and down pointing, ‘Look sister, there’s swan in the lake!’ People passing by looked at me, and were smiling and shaking heads. i would shake my head and smile too at someone who’s so happy to see swans now.
Also, there was a girl on a bike turning right and her right hands were up, and it looked like she was enjoying the wind [again, there's no biking and biking roads or rules in Mongolia!], so i literally told my sister ‘Oh, she’s feeling the wind!’ and my sister laughed, and said shortly ‘no, she’s turning right, you should stretch your hand when you turn’,

DRINKING Youth Lifestyle

Anyone coming to Denmark would think these Danes are all alcoholic. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, you would see so many people with beers in hand in the metro, or with hangover, old make-ups, and pained expressions in the morning. There are housewarming parties, or just house parties, dorm parties and school parties every friday almost. This was not normal for me. In Mongolia, we would live with our parents till we get married, some even stay with their parents till they die [sorry, but seriously], so there’s absolutely no house parties in Mongolia, only going out to drink in bars and night clubs. But here, people would start living separately as soon as they graduate highschool and if their parents are rich, they would buy them an apartment or else he or she would get a place in a dorm or rent a big apartment with friends, sharing. Danes rather live in a single tiny room with no own toilets and kitchen rather than staying with their parents and being a baby still.

Anyways, back to the drinking - omg! [still after 1,6 years later]. Danes would get from tipsy to drunk, buzzed, wasted, hammered, trashed or even hiiiiiiiiiiiiigh, and the next morning they would update their facebook with ‘hangoverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr’. it’s so funny. Did i mention Danes are one of the highest facebook using population in the world? From a 10 year old boy to 85 year old grandmothers, well everybody, you, me, him and her, moms, dads, aunts and uncles and cousins, aaaand the prime minister, parliament members...... ALL USE FACEBOOK. Job application process now includes facebook. I mean, when you apply for a job, the company will facebook you immediately and see your profile and judge you from there. it’s bit scary. So beware.

Anyways, back to the drinking: it’s very normal to get drunk all fridays and party whenever it’s possible. But it’s NOT normal [abnormal] if you DO NOT party or DO NOT drink a beer. They would look at you like you’re the weirdest person in the world and say ‘you don’t DRINK??!]


i think i'm funny.

see you later again, folks,


  1. Teacher: Do you guys want more assignments?

    Kids: oh yeah,sure! That's great

    is it sarcasm? hehe

    I really do like your posts.

    About the reactions, could you please change as or at least add "nice" or "great".

    Otherwise for this kind of posts I really don't know what to pick,hehe ;)

    Take care and best wishes.

  2. Do you remember the words from the lyrics of Scar Tissue by Red Hot Chili Peppers?
    "Sarcastic mister know it all"
    And THAT's it. Some British sarcasms are SUCK!

    I think, British are even more sarcastic than Danes. TRY Monty Phyton! And you'll feel WHAT sarcasm is.

    Anyway, I don't agree with you that "here is no home party in Mongolia". Of course, it does. I know many Mongols who make home-party. We don't always drink in a bar or a pub.

    PS; Tone of your voice is a great way to show sarcasm.

  3. хэхэ. тэгвэл одоо уугаад л байхаас биш яахав.


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