Wednesday, September 01, 2010

September 1, 2010

Or should i say Happy 30th of August? It was very refreshing and nice to see all my classmates, new classmates, my old school, its garden and all the other familiar polit faces. I'm at my 4th semester (last semester of my second year), and i felt old looking at the freshmen beside me who were so excited and buying books also on the first floor. It made me think, omg, i'm half way through my bachelors! It also made me think what i did and ACCOMPLISH since i became a freshman at my university. Some memories made me smile and some made me regret; and here i decided to share some of my pasts at school.


Here is one of the best funny/cool/stupid videos Tutors make to welcome the new comers.

I remember the first day at school as a freshman clearly. It was winter, Jan 2009, where i had to come to the first introductory days and presentations. Looking back at my clothes, i was very neat and so young [not that i'm very dirty or old now, but you know what i mean, right? - younger]. I was a baby, who came straight from parents caring home and so it was thrilling to be at different country away from family support and most importantly, it was a very independent step. Nevertheless, back to the point: what is tutoring? That's what i first thought too. At first i didn't know what a tutor was, and so i assumed they were young teachers welcoming freshmen to school, but instead they were simply elder students welcoming us with warm hearts and crazy parties to help breaking the ice. They are usually 10-11 tutors for 100 students in summer, but for us, the internationals, we had 11 tutors for 19 of us, so we had one tutor each (almost). Although it was so few of us, we got to know one another very well, and what's more, i wanted to be a tutor too. It was very stupid initiative, since i was not a Dane and most importantly couldn't understand on earth can i tutor others? Nevertheless, i applied to be a tutor - and shockingly i got chosen! i gave it a shot and surprisingly RUKO thought why not have a one international tutor. But i didn't know what i got myself into, because it became a rollercoaster life all of a sudden.

I had to attend classes at school, first, and i also had my danish class afterwards, plus i had a part-time tutoring or should i say partying really changed my grade scale completely. Be careful what you wish for! My first semester grades were excellent, but after tutoring they were close to passing grades and it made me really sad, because it was really hard to fail on a grade. Basically, i have learnt to fail and fail better simply. It may sound pathetic, but i realized grades were simply interpretation of another person judging you. What is really important is ofcourse your life experience, friendship and happiness. I was drunk with this thought for awhile and now i'm thinking again differently: i can do better grade than that.

I maybe making no sense, but basically what i'm trying to say is, it really showed me how choices can change your lifestyle and how it can lead you to different directions. Planning your study time, working time, partying time and ofcourse your own relaxing time is crucial. Which one you weigh more is your choice of lifestyle; and so this year on my second year, i chose not to tutor. it WAS an awesome trip, tutoring, and it WAS a great experience, but i wanted to do more. School was getting tougher and life busier! And hence with this experience, i'd recommend freshmen to tutor on their first year only (from my perspective atleast)


I have studied International Relations for 2 years at my National University of Mongolia, so i have a deep interest in world affairs and latest events. Even in Mongolia, i had attended a lot of international or Asia-Pacific conferences regarding various issues, and when i came to Copenhagen, COP15 preparation was already on, and i couldn't help but thinking - this is AMAZING! Luckily, besides my tutoring, schooling and working, i had managed to attend pretty much most of the climate conferences in Denmark, sitting next to mayors, learning about new innovations, meeting great minds and other volunteers from various backgrounds. It assured me that i was at the right place and i had made the right choice to come to Denmark. But after the COP15 wave, life in Denmark were getting back to normal slowly. However, friends i've made at conferences now still write once in awhile and give a heads up on new projects or even ask for help. Currently, i'm helping my friend hook Brasilian mayors with Danish Water Companies to help Brazilian citizens get a cleaner and fresher underground water, and i hope it succeeds! It's a great project and it would make a lot of people's life a lot easier and healthier if Danish Companies can work with this Brazilian mayors who are willing to invest greatly.


Like i said, i've decided to keep a low profile and focus on my self and study more, but my heart couldn't help but beating to make me do something else instead: mentoring. Mentoring is different from tutoring. Mentors pick you up from the airport, help you find your apartment in Copenhagen, help you get registered in the system and help you if you get lost or give heads up on where to buy cheap books [economic books are crazy expensive!] Anyways, i've got a German mentee who doesn't need my help at all, and so we have simply become nice friends instead. There's no 5 days of drunk trip or days of introductory presentations, instead you meet your mentee at a cafe or have a beer in the garden and just talk and share your thoughts and ask about the first days in copenhagen. it's very cute :D


I proudly admit that i have failed exam. But i've promised myself that i'll never fail an exam again, because the re-examinations were even more harder as if it was made to punish you for partying too much and failing to pass. It was annoying to prepare for an exam in wonderful sunny summer holiday and it was stupid of me to fail or submit my exam blank. Don't repeat my misstep, lads!


In order to take a break from school, i was considering, you need to have 60 points, which means you must have completed all your first year's courses and have passed your exams. check. on top of that, you needed to leave denmark, for those who are not danish, as soon as you stop studying, so you needed to report to the school and immigration office when you're leaving and show them your plane ticket. What's even worse, if your visa gets expired during your break, you can't longen your visa, instead you have to take a whole new visa, same procedure all over again. So i'm glad i didn't take a break.


Thanks to recession, Danish GDP fell, as well as the percentage of GDP amount that goes to education, so Uni. Copenhagen had to cut some costs, and that was unfortunately the international line. But i will finish my degree here in University of Copenhagen. I will finish it with a great ups and downs and great accomplishments and great failures as well. But what i get in total is a great EXPERIENCE.

I hope you all choose your ways wisely,
Never stop thinking or asking, and never be afraid to express yourself and let me know if my blogging rocks or sucks!

See you again folks,

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  1. Sounds like you are such a warrior! of course in a very good way =)
    Good luck in ur study! btw what did you do as a tutor?


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