Sunday, September 19, 2010

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Story of Stuff

How Things Work, About Stuff


  1. mash oilgomjtoigoor tom asuudliig tailbarlasan bn. Bayarlalaa :) keep it up

  2. The government's job is to look out for us? But then corporations are bigger than the government...and being in a society that tunes people to be profit-seeking, often without regard for morals (and those in power are even more likely to have a weak sense of morals), I'd say corporate money buys their power, thus defeating the purpose of the government to actually serve the people.

  3. Exactly, there are so many new technologies, friendly to environment, but OIL MONOPOLIES wouldn't like to loose their power, so they are giving more money to Government's pockets. It's horrible!


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