Monday, October 25, 2010

Do you know this Girl?

What's more curious than knowing yourself?
What's more pleasing than accepting who you are?
But WHO are you?
So many famous intelligent philosophers say that
We can know what a world is
ONLY if we can know who WE are.

But do we know this world? - NO.
So, does it mean that we don't know ourselves? - Probably.

There's nothing more important than understanding ourselves.
There's nothing sadder than DENYing ourselves.
And there's nothing more entertaining than being YOURSELF...
...Now, do we know ourselves?...

Do i know myself? I have to know. BATZUL
December 19, 2008

I wrote this poem about two years ago, when i was in deep thoughts of whom i should become, which career i should pursue, which direction i should go to and simply just asking myself WHO I AM TO MYSELF. It is amazing how i still question these questions.

People change (ofcourse we do) and i have changed too. Everyone and everything changes! Nothing stays the same. Things and people get old. Some age wiser and some not so much. But one thing is same for all - time. Whatever your belief is, whether you believe there's an afterlife or there is not, live your life to the fullest. Be the best person you can be to your family, friends, love, and most important of all, to yourself. Do not let yourself regret when you get 60 (or 80 and above if you're lucky) and torture yourself for being such a unproductive, lazy and lame person. Be the best person you can be. Do not fight with others, but fight with yourself, because no one is your biggest enemy, but yourself. It is you, yourself, who decide what to do and what to think.

Last, but not least, know yourself before getting to know anything else. Ask yourself, who you are, what you like, what you hate, what to expect from life and from love and friendship or even tragedy. Improve yourself, whatever you're good at, specialize in it. Do not let other people make your decision for you. You are your one and only own master, always remember that; and it is your choice to either be a good master to yourself, or be a bad lazy one. Never forget that you make your own destiny and your own future, NOT god and no one else.

We are all changing and adapting people - so change well and age well. i hope you're all having a great day and night!

With lots of hugs and thoughts,

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Wikipedia explained the sequel very short and clear below. Please, take your time to watch these 2 full movies and 1 trailer below. It's not a blockbuster or typical love movies, but rather a rational one - disturbing movies. It will take you approx 4 hours to finish them all. Watch one per day, and think about it. There has been a huge debate and criticism following these movies and we all should watch it if you're interested in world affairs and critical issues. Special thanks to Dolgion who recommended this movie for me. It made me think and THINK, and i hope you'll share your thoughts in return!

Zeitgeist: the Movie is a 2007 documentary film by Peter Joseph that asserts a number of ideas, including an artificial, mythological origin of Christianity, alternate theories for the parties responsible for the September 11th attacks, and finally, that a cabal of international bankers have been manipulating the international monetary system and the media in order to consolidate power under a unified world government.

The film was officially released online on June 18, 2007 on In addition to attracting significant public interest, it has been criticized for reported factual inaccuracies, and the quality of its arguments.


A sequel, Zeitgeist: Addendum, focuses further on the monetary system and advocates a resource-based social system influenced by the ideas of Jacque Fresco and The Venus Project. Following Zeitgeist: Addendum, Peter Joseph created an organization called The Zeitgeist Movement to promote the ideas of Fresco's Venus Project.


A third film called Zeitgeist: Moving Forward is scheduled to be released in January 2011. Peter Joseph has stated that its topics will focus on human behavior, technology, and rationality.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Mongolian President in Denmark

Our President of Mongolia, Ts. Elbegdorj is in Copenhagen! Unfortunately i had no chance of meeting him - he's paying a very short visit to Denmark, and last time i saw him at COP15 in December, no one had opportunity to talk to him anyway. All the cameras, reporters and flow of people having pictures taken with him, there was no way of asking questions and talking to him, sadly. But his official visit will be like this below:

* Thursday evening, 7 October is the Mongolian president Ts. Elbegdorj official visit to Denmark.

* Friday, 8 he stands at the head of a delegation of Mongolian businessmen, who will meet with Danish colleagues in Copenhagen. * There will also be time for a lunch with Queen Margrethe.
* In the evening the distribution of medals at Asia House in Copenhagen Freeport.

* The visit ends Saturday.

FOR FURTHER DETAILS IN MONGOLIAN, visit! Crown Prince Fredirik looks so bored, lmao, look at the slide shows on the website!

Hope Our President's Visit has been efficient and productive!

Til next time,
Yours sincerely,

Sunday, October 03, 2010

FAQs regarding my English.

I have had people asking me why i blog in English, why not in Mongolian? Can't you speak Mongolian? You should blog in Mongolian!...etc. Well, ofcourse i do and can speak my mother tongue, and ofcourse can definitely write and blog in Mongolian, but unfortunately that will limit my blog only to my Mongolian friends. I thought it was best to blog in English, so that EVERYONE can understand it. So, i shall keep blogging in English!


Thanks to the people who has complemented my English skills. I thought i should clarify that there is no big science behind learning ANY LANGUAGE - you just have to practice it regularly! My mother has invested in my education from a very young age, so I have learnt English since 3rd grade, and have entered in numerous English contests and olimpiads; and now i speak and write as good as my Mongolian. I have graduated from HOBBY SCHOOL, where they teach everything in English AND Mongolian (for instance, i would learn math in english and math in mongolian as well), so a good school has helped me a lot. At Hobby High School, all kids speak in English, even during breaks, because that's how they practice their English and learn to speak and write in English like a native English person.


For people who want to learn English, it is very important that you surround yourself with English environment, where you HAVE to speak English. Going to the land of English people, like Great Britain, USA and Australia can be a great opportunity to learn English very fast, because you'll be in mid of English people straight away and you'll hear it constantly, making your ears learn to catch and understand words more efficiently. There are many au pair girls, who go abroad to learn a language and their culture; but some people will ofcourse dislike babysitting another family's children all day, weeks and months long. I just took it as an example.

But you don't HAVE to go abroad to learn English!

I, myself, have never lived in States or England or whatever. I have learnt English in Mongolia! i simply had friends who were really willing to learn English, so we talked and practiced English daily on the phone, during breaks, at cafes...EVERYWHERE! It is just very important that you PRACTICE it.


I'm sure you've heard it a lot, but you only heard it a lot, because it is a great way to learn English! I, myself, have learnt English via HARRY POTTER! When i was young, I watched the movie first, and as soon as i found out that there's a book, i bought it straight away and read the whole Philosophers Stone, Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban, Goblet of Fire, Order of the Phoenix, Half Blood Prince & Deathly Hallows, the whole series including the extra books called Quidditch through the Ages, Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them and the Tales of Beedle the Bard. Well, my point is, books help you a lot! And more importantly if you re-read the books you have read, then it's even better, because you learn lots of new vocabularies without even noticing it. I, myself, have read Harry Potter books 5 times! :D

Plus, watch movies and shows with SUBTITLES, sing a long by looking at the LYRICS, watch English shows like MTV, where you can break the ice between your ears and daily English. Whatever works for you, do it, and remember that it is very IMPORTANT that you practice it.

And it's fun! There's absolutely no big science behind it, just have fun and keep talking with the funny accents till it becomes really good, and you'll ace TOEFL & SAT in no time :D Just be brave, NEVER BE SHY when you're learning a language, just do it!

That's all i can give and think at the moment - JUST PRACTICE IT!

And meantime for those people who thought this blog was crap, pls, enjoy this beautiful song instead :P