Monday, October 25, 2010

Do you know this Girl?

What's more curious than knowing yourself?
What's more pleasing than accepting who you are?
But WHO are you?
So many famous intelligent philosophers say that
We can know what a world is
ONLY if we can know who WE are.

But do we know this world? - NO.
So, does it mean that we don't know ourselves? - Probably.

There's nothing more important than understanding ourselves.
There's nothing sadder than DENYing ourselves.
And there's nothing more entertaining than being YOURSELF...
...Now, do we know ourselves?...

Do i know myself? I have to know. BATZUL
December 19, 2008

I wrote this poem about two years ago, when i was in deep thoughts of whom i should become, which career i should pursue, which direction i should go to and simply just asking myself WHO I AM TO MYSELF. It is amazing how i still question these questions.

People change (ofcourse we do) and i have changed too. Everyone and everything changes! Nothing stays the same. Things and people get old. Some age wiser and some not so much. But one thing is same for all - time. Whatever your belief is, whether you believe there's an afterlife or there is not, live your life to the fullest. Be the best person you can be to your family, friends, love, and most important of all, to yourself. Do not let yourself regret when you get 60 (or 80 and above if you're lucky) and torture yourself for being such a unproductive, lazy and lame person. Be the best person you can be. Do not fight with others, but fight with yourself, because no one is your biggest enemy, but yourself. It is you, yourself, who decide what to do and what to think.

Last, but not least, know yourself before getting to know anything else. Ask yourself, who you are, what you like, what you hate, what to expect from life and from love and friendship or even tragedy. Improve yourself, whatever you're good at, specialize in it. Do not let other people make your decision for you. You are your one and only own master, always remember that; and it is your choice to either be a good master to yourself, or be a bad lazy one. Never forget that you make your own destiny and your own future, NOT god and no one else.

We are all changing and adapting people - so change well and age well. i hope you're all having a great day and night!

With lots of hugs and thoughts,


  1. Nice post! it makes me think of myself too, thanks!

  2. You're amazing my super duper lovely cutie pie.. You make your own destiny and your own future, not god and noone else - Well SAID!!! How true. Only stay true to yourself... Love you tons!!! Xxxx

  3. I think it was truly thoughtful and wise! It makes me more proud of who I am! That was great!

  4. At the end of the day you only have yourself. Better get to know that person right?

  5. Truly inspiring! xxxxxxx

  6. To live by the way that when you see back your life track and could be proud of yourself. And always say thank you to your mom who much considered your education that you mentioned while ago.I believe that you can be the one of the pride of Mongolian new generation.
    Fan of your blog...

  7. oh lovely. u.r english is near perfect. nice 2 c u around. happy blogging..

  8. thank u! made me think about myself..

  9. wow,this is what i want to tell myself.thanku

  10. Some wise man said: "I know one thing for sure. I know nothing". I fully agree with him


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