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Wikipedia explained the sequel very short and clear below. Please, take your time to watch these 2 full movies and 1 trailer below. It's not a blockbuster or typical love movies, but rather a rational one - disturbing movies. It will take you approx 4 hours to finish them all. Watch one per day, and think about it. There has been a huge debate and criticism following these movies and we all should watch it if you're interested in world affairs and critical issues. Special thanks to Dolgion who recommended this movie for me. It made me think and THINK, and i hope you'll share your thoughts in return!

Zeitgeist: the Movie is a 2007 documentary film by Peter Joseph that asserts a number of ideas, including an artificial, mythological origin of Christianity, alternate theories for the parties responsible for the September 11th attacks, and finally, that a cabal of international bankers have been manipulating the international monetary system and the media in order to consolidate power under a unified world government.

The film was officially released online on June 18, 2007 on In addition to attracting significant public interest, it has been criticized for reported factual inaccuracies, and the quality of its arguments.


A sequel, Zeitgeist: Addendum, focuses further on the monetary system and advocates a resource-based social system influenced by the ideas of Jacque Fresco and The Venus Project. Following Zeitgeist: Addendum, Peter Joseph created an organization called The Zeitgeist Movement to promote the ideas of Fresco's Venus Project.


A third film called Zeitgeist: Moving Forward is scheduled to be released in January 2011. Peter Joseph has stated that its topics will focus on human behavior, technology, and rationality.


  1. Hey, cool to see you checked those movies out. What do u think of them? Here some quick thoughts of mine:

    The origin of christianity presented in the first movie is, well, unproven. It's a theory, and I personally am not christian, so it doesn't really surprise or shock me to hear that christianity is basically an evolved religion stemming from egyptian sun worship.

    I'm not an expert on finance and the financial system, so I can't really judge their statements of the bankers who control everything, and their supposed plots.

    Yes, there is a ton of criticism and some of it is justified. For a movie that preaches us not to get brainswashed and to be skeptical, those movies use an awful lot of cheap visual effects and preaching to the audience to get their point across.

    That said, what strikes me as valuable insight and truth is simply the fact that globalization DOES lead to all these problems, and the american government IS corrupt. It's actually so bad that we openly accept lobbyism and questionable donors for politicians. It's become common practice in politics and it disgusts me.

    Also, living in Mongolia and seeing extreme poverty first hand, it strikes me as true that the basic system the world runs in - profit over everything, consumption being the drive of everything, does lead to these problems. It is basically the core of the problem, and nobody in those "first world countries" does anything at all to make a real change in the situation. Why would they? They're not the ones directly affected. But it will affect them.

    Your other video "The Story of Stuff" highlights this very well.
    It's not even that one has to believe in a conspiracy a la "Illuminati". It's just the way it is, and you realize it if you think about it logically, take the evidence and really just think about it. The system exists to preserve itself, this perverted from of democracy we have here, in the US and in Europe. It's not for the people, it's for the lobbies who seek to keep their wealth and maximize it. Keep the middle class working like slaves so the upper class can rake in the money and have the lower class just to scare the shit out of the middle class and keep them working.

    It'd be cool if we could have a real discussion on this cuz ever since I watched those movies, I see these grievances all around me and it's really bothering me.

  2. Zeitgeist movies have vast amount of disturbing informations like Obama and Hilary on corrupted politicians list. But anyways from those,

    I agree with:

    Brainwashing Public Media
    Commercials and Fashion that makes Material Consuming World
    Corporations > Government
    Peace over War (Mongolians should stop sending its troops to a war that is not OURS)
    The financial crisis that could have been prevented
    As for Christian, i shall be Switzerland, because i'm not an expert on that and i'm agnostic, so i'll leave it to debate

    But i don't understand, if we succeed with the Zeitgeist Movement, how are we to move from then on? I find it difficult and hard to adapt to newer world with no leaders and what did the movie say no money? Shall we be back to barter economy?

    But i do agree that we need to demolish CORRUPTION. But i'm very skeptical.

    MOST IMPORTANT message of this movie was the change starts within you. So lets all be ready and educate ourselves, not brainwash ourselves, and do what is right when our time comes. Our time is soon though!

  3. The Zeitgeist Movement/ Venus project is basically the idea that the people do their decisions based on what we have - our resources. Thus its called a resource based society. Today's world shows that we can't go on using up resources that are clearly finite. It'll lead to a dead end sooner or later. Thing is, this brain washing media, our own actions of consumption condition us to remain comfortable in this current state. We all have a very very skewed, perverted perception of what "value" is.

    Take the example of the queue phenomenon. You're standing in a line with 20 people in front of you. You just arrived. You will feel more likely to leave that queue with nobody BEHIND you than if there were 40 people behind you. Even though there are still 20 people in front of you, and that what rationally counts right? In your brain, you'll feel like ur in a better situation than those behind you, so you're feeling that this is positive for you. It's a horrible mindset we have, but this profit oriented world we live in conditioned us to think like that until we think that it's "human nature". NObody really knows human nature, scientists haven't figured out the brain enough, so no assumptions should be made.

    My own experience is that once a person has experienced enough true kindness from others, they'll feel more inclined to act kind themselves. Non-selfish, altruistic kindness. I see it everyday in the IT field of open source software, where people work on things for others without asking anything in return.

    I can confirm myself that it is our environment that deeply shapes our world of thought, and that is why I believe that a society where people don't run after profit but rather focus on their own contribution is possible. An inherently good society. Utopia? Nope, it IS possible, but it needs a massive shift of thinking with all people, which is only possible after reaching some kind of critical mass. I'll write more on that on my own blog :D

  4. When there is ambivalent people like you guys exist in this society, it will change soon or at least i believe so.

    The fact that if the facts are in this movie are real or not, one need a lot of research, gosh.. And i believe the corruption and all those transnational corporations and UN and other forms of international organizations are completely corrupted and on the hands of very few people with money. Nothing really happens with these organizations, other than a lot of paper floating around.

    Of course, if one want to persuade people to other forms of thinking, one needs to attack religion, one of the very strongest institution in the world, in order let people think in different direction. Ahhhhhhh.. It will take time and it will not be sooo easy.. We've seen many historic events related to messing up with religion and its conclusion, esp. Christianity - Not a fairy tale..

    I truly believe that the consuming world, as we known, is shifting towards minimalist thinking or at least people thinking about it - eco friendliness, healthy diet and volunteering and learning from other cultures, NGOs and non profit orgs etc becoming in fashion.

    Yes about that "skewed, perverted perception of what "value" is". But i believe more and more people are becoming more skeptical about the value which is given by nowadays' religion and other forms of institutions' guidelines, and more aware of what people are actually want to believe in and create their own realities and truths, which is one of the very point of this movie, I think. and those who creating their own realities and truths are aware of TV and commercial brainwashing.

    I think, Zeitgeist is here to psychologically attack people's mind to rethink of our own living and our way of living in general in order to live more peacefully with less suffering than today together. and I truly believe it is truly feasible, since this is the era of information and technology, and even though there is tons distorted information, it is better than having no information available.

    Living happily ever after together become 21st century virtue. and yes, altruistic kindness is part of this happening and it is VERY possible.

  5. Hi guys

    We're the volunteers who are translating Zeitgeist:Moving Forward into Mongolian before January.

    Any of you guys interested to join us? If so,please let me know and we'd be happy to have you guys :).

    Best wishes!!


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