Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Education aka Brainwashing

I wrote this piece last year in Feb 5. I have loads of notes on my facebook and there people have started encouraging me to blog. I thought you all would like to take look at it and judge as you please ;)


What's education? Is it the standards we should all follow? Should we all be educated? Or is it just to fit in our society? What's education? Why some people leave or drop out of school? Are they all dumb? Why did Bill Gates drop out? Have you ever wondered why we should go to school? I sometimes think i shouldn't go there. The school is in reality a place where we get BRAINWASHED. Our government or our kings/queens are scared of loosing their control over us, therefore they make this schooling system where we all have to get through. And we all follow it, and we even send our own kids to get brainwashed the same.

What do we become when we graduate? We will know what's fiscal policy, the political organizations, the definitions or many other professional words; but in reality, our diploma just represents or says "this lady/guy has been brainwashed VERY GOOD", nothing more. We shouldn't be brainwashed like this, but instead, what we have to do is to keep yourself YOURSELF. You're unique, and you're one and only in your own way; you shouldn't loose that. I'm the person who learns thoroughly, but I refuse to believe every single words my teachers say. That's just his/her thought, and we don't have to follow his every single statement. It is YOU who have to make what is what, not somebody else telling you THIS IS THIS.

Our world is destroying our uniqueness. We call some people NORMAL, and others CRAZY. Why? Just because they have a different way of thinking or viewing things? Where did the freedom of thought or speech go? We don't have to be ROBOTS or be NORMAL. We don't have to get "educated", it is our choice, our thought, our views, and our life. Don't let any government or people brainwash you!



Sunday, December 26, 2010

Writers Block

Hey everyone,

Sorry that i haven't written anything for two months, I'm simply in writers block. A lot is going in my mind.

However, I hope you all had a joyful merry Xmas, whether you celebrate or not, hope you had a pleasant holiday with your family!

I shall of course start writing immediately, once I'm out of the writers block.

Till then enjoy the holiday! And I really appreciate your feedbacks on my blog! I welcome both the positive and negative comments with open arms!