Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Differentiated Attitude towards Internationals in DK

No one said living abroad was easy! I knew it wouldn't be a piece of cake, but i did not know that i was moving to such a discriminating, racist, pessimistic, complaining, and stereotyping country! Happiest country in the world? I absolutely not! There are so many depressed people EVERYWHERE in Denmark. The best healthcare system in the world? It has just been nominated as the "Cancer Country", because people consume excessive amount of alcohol and smoke. Did you all get blinded with Carlsberg Donations? Most uncorrupt country in the world? Highly unlikely, since connection is the "hidden translation" for corruption here. You can only get a job depending on who you know. Sounds familiar to a corruption? Perhaps, but it is called a "connection" here in Denmark!

I apologize for writing such an aggressive note on the first days of school, but I am writing the reality and I am writing, because nobody's expressing their feelings enough here. Internationals are extremely discriminated and treated separately compared to the natives in Denmark. There is no space for labour market for internationals. What's even worse, Denmark is talking about stopping their healthcare system for Internationals and stopping student grants for internationals and so forth. It is their way of fighting the bad economy. They say they only want the good internationals, not a poor and bad internationals. Fair enough, but does Denmark realize how bad image and message they are giving to the world? Is that the best solution you have to fight the bad economy? What are the Danish economists thinking??? Don't you think you have enough bad image after the cartoon crisis?

Also, the society in general! I wouldn't say that i have been everywhere in the world, but i have travelled to some decent extend, and Denmark is just simply the most depressing country ever! From a young age, they are taught to be normal and average. They do not encourage their students to apply to MIT, Harvard, Yale, Oxford or whatever; they would say, you should apply for University of Copenhagen and stay in their homeland. KU is not the worst place to study, but there are surely better schools! Due to this virtue, a lot of young genius Danes are stuck in Denmark without noticing they can do better! They don't get that they are actually really bright and witty people! The consequence is without a surprise: sadness, feeling inadequate, and just simply empty. Why would people ever like to feel normal? People should specialize and be good! They have every right to succeed and shine! Why this society always fade the light of their young students? Just looking at how the teachers grade their students at my school, i am just shocked at how low they evaluate people. With this grades, students will no longer have a possibility to apply for a greater universities elsewhere. They are simply ruining their opportunity to pursue a stronger and more firm study. I just don't get why they do this?

And Danes complain a lot. Like excessively a lot. Why do people always have to complain about everything? Why only focus on the faults? Why not on the goods? Why not appreciate a nice and a decent movie, a good art, a good music and a good book without complaining? Why do you always have to be so negative and so pessimistic? They do admit that they are so stressed and so close to being depressed. But they blame it on the lack of sun and the weather! Ha!

Also, what did Internationals do to make Danes such a protective and discriminating country ever? I understood from the bottom of my heart and to the bones that Denmark has a homogenous culture where you will always be an outsider if you were not born in this country.

I clearly understand that an excessive amount of international workers will lower your proud wages, but that is just a short term effect! Think about how the bright internationals can contribute later on! Why do you stereotype all the internationals as bad, or see internationals as a threat to your welfare system, beggars or whatever you call internationals. You want examples? How can Danish community send a letter to a woman who is married to a Dane, saying you are not allowed to get pregnant in Denmark? How can you ask international students to prove such a ridiculous amount of money in our own bank account, which most international students do not have! Most developing countries' students are dependent on their families and relatives.

No international would like to stay in such a discriminatory world. Only love and deep passion can make people stay. Internationals who fall in love with a Dane will stay, perhaps, but Denmark will loose some of their own citizens! Why would a Dane stay in Denmark if the Government is forbidding his wife to live in Denmark? People do crazy things in love and people will respond to incentives and move out for love!

I am one of the lucky internationals who had connections before i came to Denmark. I have made friends with many wonderful Danes (not all Danes are bitchy, annoying, and stereotyping). I am writing this to express how internationals feel left out and feel so miserable in Denmark. Language barrier, lack of 'connection', and the Danish society can make internationals very wretched and downcast. Is this humane?

I thought i came to a country where i would share an experience that i will share with proudness when i went back home, but Denmark do not deserve such a great tale from me or from any internationals residing in Denmark. This is from my experience, and many other internationals i know, who move out of Denmark even after finishing full bachelor and master degree in Denmark.

What is going on in this world????

Very worried,


  1. wow Zulaa, where did your passion and positiveness go? you can always come home after finishing ur degree. Mongolia the country competitiveness is rising and people are making a good living here. We are proud people too. Why stay and stress when you can leave and live.

  2. Ofcourse, i'll always have my home, but the way Denmark is making policy against Internationals is just completely unacceptable in inhumane! Thought i should tell how internationals are being treated. It is estimated that DK will be in brain drain by 2030, and i see the truth in it now.

  3. don't lose your values... we mongolians!

  4. Thank you, Enkhtulga! Good to see you on my blog :D

  5. You're english is very good..

  6. Until read your post, i had imagined Denmark as a paradise. lol. Anyway, your view was very unusual. There is nothing worse than feeling a discrimination.

  7. come to america =)


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