Friday, February 11, 2011

Poor Little Rich Girl

Dear Andy Warhol and Bob Dylan fans - do you know the socialite Edie Sedgwick? Factory girl is based on the rise and fall of the famous Edie Sedgwick. I know Andy Warhol's artworks and Bob Dylan's various songs, but I had no idea of HER existence. It was very fascinating to watch. The movie's plot is very well written and the scenes are very catchy and very Andy Warholish.

This movie is tragic, emotional and heartbreaking. I highly recommend you all to watch this movie if you haven't. Though the media and Bob Dylan criticized this movie to a great extent, i still think the movie is a brilliant movie, where all people can relate to. Loneliness, fame, friendship, love, career, money, industry, etc. Bob Dylan's "Just Like a Woman" and "Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat" from his 1966 album Blonde on Blonde are about Sedgwick. His 1965 #2 single "Like a Rolling Stone" was also reportedly inspired by her.

Sienna Miller plays beautifully as a Edie Sedgwick, Guy Pearce plays as a bad Andy Warhol, and Hayden Christensen spices the movie as a Bob Dylan.

I'll leave it for you to judge. Enjoy!



  1. this movie gave me impression that Andy Warhol was an asshole

  2. We don't know that for sure. it's only one side of the story. Always remember to hear both sides of the story and then judge :D But facts are facts, and Edie, the superstar, died when she was only 28.

    Another great movie about Edie Sedgwick is CIAO MANHATTAN, where she tells her part of the story against the media at that time.

    Her voice and the way she tells her story is just so heart-wrecking, but yet, there's so much truth and lessons to it.

  3. this was a great movie, i'm glad you enjoyed it. there was a documentary about andy and lots of people were interviewed ultra violate being one of them, including other members of the velvet underground. they paint a better picture of andy and edie's relationship. i wouldn't go so far as to call andy an asshole, even though that part of Factory Girl where he asked to film Edies downward drug spiral was a bit brutal, i truly feel he loved her and they shared a special bond and relationship.


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