Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wall Street vs Wall Street II

"Money never sleeps. Wake up!", "Greed is good", "Easy to get in, but hard to get out", etc. Ring any bells?

Yes, Wall Street! Wall Street is a street at the south end of Manhattan in New York City, where New York Stock Exchange and other leading U.S. financial institutions are located. It is used allusively to refer to the U.S. money market or financial interests. It is named after a wooden stockade that was built in 1653 around the original Dutch settlement of New Amsterdam.

And I have just had the pleasure to sit down and watch the famous sequel of Wall Street, thanks to my wonderful winter break from my university. The first film, broadcasted in 1987, showed the dangers of playing with fire and money; while the sequel tries to show that money is not everything. Family, love and trust are the valuable things you can ever have. Personally i liked the first Wall Street better, because it really shows how really Wall Street runs, where the second was a mere blockbuster. It was bit disappointing. Perhaps, i expected too much. Overestimating usually tends to disappoint you, doesn't it? Well, i have posted the two trailers for you:


WALL STREET II: Money Never Sleeps (2010)

I'll let you enjoy and judge the movie.



  1. Oliver Stone was inspired by his father in making the first movie. I don't know, what drove the second one, I guess the recession. So far I liked it. But of course first one is way better. First one has a lot to do with Oliver Stone's personal life. He has been struggling a lot as a young man. Inspiration vs Experience. Precision Vs Strength maybe in some way :)

  2. I absolutely agree with you that first wall street is better. I was expecting to see how wallstreet really runs from part2 as I dont have much knowledge about it

  3. If you really want to know how Wall Street runs, watch "The Inside Job"! It won Oscars this year! :D


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