Monday, March 21, 2011

FAQs from me

1. Are you Chinese/Korean/Japanese?...GREENLANDIC?
2. Do you speak Chinese?
3. Is Mongolia ruled by China?
4. Mongolia is in China, right?
5. Why don't you speak Chinese?
6. Do you like rice?
7. Why did you come to Denmark? Why?!
8. What do you think of Denmark? When did you come?
9. Why Economics?
10. Is your family rich? What does your parents do?
11. How long did you live in the States?
12. Are all Mongolians tall like you?
13. What do Mongolians speak?
14. Where is Mongolia? How do you get there? Do you have an airport?
15. What's Mongolia like?

more shocking questions:

16. Mongolia is the 4th biggest city in China, right?
17. One guy said "You're from Mongolia? That's so cool. I was there last year, LOVED BALI. It's near Indonesia, right?"... i was smiling, but i froze when i heard the last 2 sentences "Bali? no, no, no. Mongolia! It's not an island!"
18. "You're from Mongolia??? But you don't look like an African!"
19. Are you adopted?
20. You're Asian, you're not supposed to be tall!
21. Mongolia? You are a communist!

and the typical:



  1. So, FAQ from you?! The title does not fit properly. Any answers to them (the ones making sense at least)?

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Well, these ARE the FAQs from me.

    You are very welcome to suggest the proper title.


  3. lol, so we need to publicize and raise public awareness on Mongolia. but just on the best sides. not so long, world will know our country. Some of them already known by our mining field.

  4. Ariuna Richards27 March 2011 at 17:30

    Wherever you go, you will always meet ignorant people, sadly.
    We, Mongolians have a rich history, and when asked, we are quick to respond by mentioning of Genghis Khan, one of the world's greatest conqueror whose empire lasted 4 centuries. Having said this, how many of us really know that he was the only conqueror to successfully conquer both Russia,China and the largest land empire the world ever seen.
    How can we call ourselves Mongolian when we dont know our history and speak our language clearly and keep it unpolluted.

    In different note, like you Batzul,I have been 'representing' my country over 16 years here in UK and have been asked many weird questions and comments.
    *'So you are from Mongolia!, but you are very tall!'(I am 178cm)
    * Were you born in London? Which of your parent is English?
    * Are you from Hong Kong?
    * One of my colleague said 'My parents went to Bhutan last year, they loved Mongolia. LOOOOOL.

    Keep writing my friend and it was absolutely pleasure to read your blog!


  5. Same here! i have been asked more or less the same questions for three years. Once, i was told that i dont look like African too haha. she explained to me later that Mongolia sounded a lot like Angola. I thought americans need to take their geography class more seriously, but seems like it is not only Americans. The good side of getting these stupid questions is that hopefully they will not ask the same ones again at least a few basics like why on earth we do not speak chinese

    Keep it up girl

  6. hahaha That's right, they always burn me up by stupid questions like that..
    The worst one is "Do you go to school by horse?"!!!

  7. Nice post, goodluck

  8. Here in Norway, I once asked "-Is there any computer in Mongolia? Do you have internet?".

  9. Sorry for the mistake. Of course I "was asked" not "asked".

  10. another shocking question: Do you guys still live in the countryside and ride horses?
    (At least, they know it is an independent country in Asia)
    btw, nice blog :)

  11. omg those are the annoying questions that I get from people here in America.

  12. Solovushka.. lol yes, a very little population of the country lives in the countryside and ride horses.

  13. For me some FAQs

    Do you ride horse?

    Do Mongolian people eat meat much?

    Is Mongolia very cold?

    Is there any apart and big, tall building?

    BTW it is first time visiting in your blog, I like it. keep going..

  14. I went to Mongolia in 2009, told my friends and family, they responded with this - 'so you going to China, why?' and 'they all have red cheeks right?' Little that they know, i was filled with anger and resentment for their ignorance. I think media and popular culture has to answer for these perceptions.


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