Thursday, March 03, 2011

Vertical Farm

What is a Vertical Farm? It is a concept that argues that it is economically and environmentally viable to cultivate plant or animal life within skyscrapers. You can literally understand it from the name: VERTICAL + FARMING. Imagine a long and tall building full of clean green technology, growing plants and food for the growing population in the world.

An article on Verticle farm on BBC has amazed and opened the eyes of many people in 2007, but somehow they still lack money and funds to make it a reality.

Dickson Despommier, author of "The Vertical Farm", on the concept, explains what Vertical Farm might look like and the eco-cities of the future. He says Vertical Farming is possible; the technology is there, but we just need a strong motivation and fund.

Four architects describe their designs for the vertical farms of the future.


  1. Yeah this has been featured also in the Venus Project. Stuff like this just didn't become reality because even though we need it, we always end up falling short on the money side :(

    Why can't we just build these things simply for the reason that we need them? It shouldn't be that complicated at all...

  2. If this becomes a reality, old farmers and their corporations will start loosing profit. Lobbying, i guess.

    But at some point and time, we should accept the best technology, renewable choices, and greener future; otherwise, we will keep on making the OPEC and other fossil fuel monopolies even stronger and unbeatable


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