Friday, April 22, 2011

Thank You

Lately i've been writing really serious notes, so here i am writing another one, but differently. So yeah, here i thought i should thank my cereal, corn flakes, and musli for being there for me for all these years.

They have always helped me in good and bad times. They have never left me alone in the dark. We have befriended since childhood when i was super busy with highschool, where I had to wake up early in the morning, you know; so we go way back!

The only friend in the morning was my cereals. so i thank you, my cereal, for being there for me, for all this years. You have never failed to fulfill my appetite and hunger, with your many delicious tastes. As for cornflakes, forgive me if i have ever got bored of you. You should try to understand that having you ALL the time was a bit dull, so i HAD to pick a musli sometimes. And musli, my friend, you have never failed me either. I have always enjoyed your company with your good energy and fiber. I can not express my gratitude fully in words, but i hope this note would help a bit.

I love you, my cereal, cornflakes & musli!

I couldn't have made this far without you guys. OMG, i love you all so much! Let's be friends FOREVER! Love you all! muah


  1. hehe I still eat corn flakes too ^^

  2. Yeah, wonderful acknowledgement i'm having cereal every wednesday morning, on wednesday i wake up in uncontrolled manner unlike others that is the intensity of your&my cereal :)

  3. Hi, Copenhagend surgaltand suuj bga mongol bna, yum asuuh gsiima holbogdoh utas yumuu mailee uguuch please


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