Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Which ONE would you rather be?

...one liberal, another miserly
one is generous, another greedy
one cruel, another tenderhearted
one is faithless, another true to his word
one effeminate and cowardy, another high-spirited and courageous
one is courteous, another haughty
one impure, another chaste
one simple, another crafty
one firm, another facile
one grave, another frivolous
one devout, another unbelieving...and the like.

Here the question arises: is it better to be loved than feared, or vice versa?

Everybody would like to be both; but since it is hard to accomodate these qualities, if you have to make a choice, to be feared is much SAFER than to be loved. Because your people might be all yours, offering their blood, their belongings, their lives, and their children's lives - so long danger is remote. But when the danger is close, they turn against you...THEN what would you do??

("The Prince" by Niccolò Machiavelli)

Tell me what do you think about his book...


  1. Prince iig 2 jiliin omno unshij bsan hhehe ter uedee mash ix taalagdjisan odo sain sandagguie, did u like it tho?

  2. yeah i liked it. i wrote this note about 3 years ago :)


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