Thursday, April 28, 2011

You Are What You Eat

Yes, you are definitely what you eat! Have you ever noticed the food people purchase can literally show people's health and beauty? Every once in awhile when I'm in a queue, I look at what people buy: frozen pizza, frozen thai-food, frozen fries, frozen chicken, chocolate bars, ice-creams, muffins, ketchup, mayo, fat dressings, sausage, bacon...etc. You get what I am saying, and I won't be surprised if you're one of them. Don't worry, I'll admit that I have a guilty pleasure once in a while too. I go nuts for a carrot cake and a blueberry muffin, but I do not crave for them all the time.


I remember when i was in high-school, I have to admit that I was not the healthiest kid there. I was one of the chubby candy-bar cravers. Not obese or anything, but not in my best shape. My family used to say it is a teenage chubbiness, don't worry bla bla bla. But ever since my mother's friend brought me this healthy eating guide book called "YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT" by Gillian McKeith, my eyes opened to all the varieties of food out there in the world, and at the same time I was very upset with the choices I had at school for lunch - piroshki, huushuur, buuz, hotdog, budaatai huurga, name it. No salad, fruits, any vegatables or whatsoever healthy.

In Denmark, the cafeteria here at my university offers variety of vegetables, salad, sandwich, smoothies, juices and a decent food. Yes it does ofcourse offer the junks too, but they basically offer everything to us, and we make the choice. Why can't we have this in Mongolia?


Healhty kids perform and learn better. Healthy people are happier, less tired and more productive. Efficient students can be, in the long run, a great contributors to the development of Mongolian future. Why can't we invest in health care in food sectors more? Are there any nutritionists in Mongolia?

Kids in Western countries learn to eat right, and learn to mix which types of food with other types of food. How many people know that diary products [milk, cheese, yoghurt...] can not be mixed with meat? I know, Mongolians love putting the day-old-tsuivan or huushuur to their milky tea and have it for lunch, but that is just wrong. It will make you fart, make a nasty gas in your stomach and you'll feel gloated. And you should also not mix rice and flour products with meat as well.

Meat + vegatables = yes!
Meat + flour = no [no spaghetti!]
Meat + dairy product = no
Vegetables + flour = yes!
Fruits on its own people!

It is simple as that! Don't mix them wrong, otherwise your stomach and body will have a hard time digesting and catalyzing that wrong mix.


Increasing fat food chains like the Big Burgers, and the Pizzerias right in front of the State Department Stores are terrible! Atleast that is how I remember of 2,5 years ago. I really hope MacDonnalds, Pizza Hut and whatever, stay away from Mongolia! We only have about 3 million population and we should try our best to stay healthy and strong, thank you very much!

We are definitely not eating right though. I was not eating right. It had to change, and I did change my eating style.


I started following the simple guidelines of the book - like a warm water with a squeeze of a lemon [lemonade] first thing in the morning and in the night before you go to sleep. Lemon and water, together, detox you, meaning that it takes the toxic out of your body you have gathered throughout your days. It will make and keep you fresh.

1. Breath right. Taking a deep breath, inhaling and exhaling right in a long way is an amazing trick. Breathing right burns calories, so breath right ladies and gentlemen!
2. Don't confuse thirst with hunger! This was one of the biggest lessons I have learnt so far. Your body may simply be craving a hydration, not a meal, so drink something and listen to your body.
3. Drink lots of water. Water is simply good for everything: your skin, hair, digestion and beauty in general. Drink lots and lots of water. Stay away from the Cokes and Sodas.
4. Exercise! I'm not saying be a super athlete, but just exercise, hop, and walk in the park, or walk your dog! Move, and get up from that coach or that sofa and away from your laptop and desktops.
5. Eat many little meals a day. Instead of 3 big breakfast, lunch and dinner thing, try eating more frequently and little less. Think about how much food your tiny stomach can handle.
6. Listen to your body when you shop for food. Depend on your eyes, nose and all the senses you're feeling. Which type of fruit you would like to eat, which color is attracting you, which vegetable you want to eat, which nuts and beans you would like to have, etc.

The only thing i disagreed with the book was on meat. She is against red meat and milk, and I love meat and milk both, so i will not limit myself that crazy.


But just give it a shot, and if you really want to know more, i'd highly recommend you to buy the book, since it gives far more advices on health and beauty.

Remember that it is your choice and your way of living!



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