Thursday, June 02, 2011

CPH Street Life 3: Distortion Street Party Nørrebro

The best Distortion is always at the hood of Nørrebro! They have the best vibe, music, pizzeria (Nonsolopizza - you should try it), take-outs, cafes, lake view and of course the people of Nørrebro!

Though I have no photos of street paintings, this year a record 817 people took part in a street painting at the Distortion party on Nørrebro, Copenhagen. This broke previous German-held record, and Nørrebro is proud!


  1. You looks soooo cool!!! Whoa nice party.

  2. It's very nice to see you again.

  3. Great photos! You are also very pretty, would love to see more of ya! What do you study?


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