Saturday, June 04, 2011

CPH Street Life 4: Distortion Street Party Vesterbro

Without a doubt, Distortion at Vesterbro was the largest. Maybe the fact that I lived at Nørrebro before, made the previous distortion more plausible than of last night. Vesterbro was simply way too big, I spent the half of my time there just walking around everywhere - people at the dining table in the middle of a car road, skate-boarding, djs playing different music in different streets, etc. There were too many people, which made it impossible to walk through (and forget about taking photos), so the following photos are the best I could share!

I am afraid this is also the last photos of distortion, since I have exam on June 7th and really need to focus on my finals; and most importantly, even though, I am in my youth peak, there is a limit my body puts on parties - Batzul needs a BREAK! 

But I hope you must have glimpsed the idea of street party life in Copenhagen!

ps: Mange TAK! to the awesome guys who helped me find my keys at Jolene with awesome awesome phone lights! I wouldn't be at home sleeping, nor biking, nor be able to prepare for my finals without your amazing awesome search. I dedicate this post to you! 

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