Wednesday, June 01, 2011

CPH Street Life 2: Distortion Street Party Indre By

Every year, Copenhagen throws street parties for each of its neighborhoods for 5 days in a row. Danes have celebrated the Distortion since 1998, and the street party always starts in the first week of June, celebrating the coming summer and the blossoming Copenhagen city with girls and boy (rid of heavy coats).

Music is very loud with huge speakers on the street, and every street has a different DJ, where you can walk around and find your style of music and just dance all day long with your friends! This is the time where you can really see all the young generations of Denmark. It seems like no body's home - all out enjoying the sun and the music.

Street parties are free of charge, and young generations get to dance and party with the sunlight and shades on. Ofcourse, after-parties are also held in several clubs later. Here are some pictures of today.

I wonder how Mongolian Street Party would be like, if we ever get to make such an event!
Well, what do you think? I'll upload the rest party photos later!

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