Sunday, June 05, 2011

Jeg elsker dig, København!

Summer in Copenhagen is amazing! Though I am super excited to head home this summer, I am partially torn with my love - CPH! My past posts may trigger you into thinking - Batzul is a party animal; but hey, don't judge a book by its cover. It is hard not to post about street life in CPH in June since so many activities are held in June, like:
  • St Hans Evening - Burn the Witches!
  • Roskilde Festival - Biggest Music Festival in Scandinavia
  • Copenhagen Distortion - 5 days of street party in the city
  • Danish Derby - Horse Race (looking forward to see whether it beats Mongolian Horse Race).
My following 6 posts were about Distortion Street Parties, and I really hope you liked the photos. You may also like my post in May about my grandfather's letter to the President and PM of Mongolia (regarding pensions, lack of benefits and public support to the retired soldiers of Mongolia). Basically, I like to blog about everything from the current economy, politics, and music to a simple photo.

Looking forward to hear your thoughts as well.


  1. So far, I like reading all of your posts. When I saw your summer posts,I saw a big change but like it though with these photos. I will keep following you, your blog for me is such a pleasure to read and it also learnt me things! I am always waiting for the new post to come!


  2. Wow, thank you so much! Your feedback means so much to me, and I would also like to salute yours - brilliant blog! Keep it up, Incognito!



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