Sunday, September 11, 2011

Chinggis Khaan Statue Complex: Facts

The world's largest statue of a rider on a horse is erected in Mongolia, where Chinggis Khaan (1162-1227) gazes into the distance with a golden whip in his right hand. We do have a crazy "Chinggis Fever"!

The statue is surrounded by 36 columns representing 36 Mongolian Khaans; and it is covered in 250 tonne of steel. It will also be surrounded by over 200 ger camps and examples of XIII century tribes' lifestyles with trading using coins from the 13th Century. Construction of the whole complex will also include a spa, hotel and golf course.

A traditional Mongolian boot below - endeavored by the artist B. Nomin - is claimed to be the world's largest shoe. The raw materials for this project are quite impressive: a total of 225 cattle's skin, 4500 meters of cord, 300 liters of glue, a 180 square meter canvas, 120 square meters of felt (esgii), a 72 square meter sponge and a 13 meter tree are the main supplies that have been used by Nomin.

As of now, the biggest shoes in the World is 6 meter height and located in Minnesota, USA. Nomin hopes that the Mongol boot will be registered in the Guinness Book of Records because of it's size: 39х195=7605, that is, nine meter height, six meter long and two meter wide.


Inside the Chinggis Khaan Statue, you'd find this shoe and knife, but you'll also find a museum, short film of making-the-statue in 7 min, restaurant, and you'd get a chance to get on top of the horse head and see Mongolian landscape. 

I have been here couple of times to show around my international friends; and this has become, without doubt, one of our best tourist attractions. 

I'm looking forward to see the whole construction to be finished! Hope you liked this post.



  1. Please, blog more about your summer in Mongolia! Your photos are great. I miss home.


  2. Thanks, Tsetsgee! My next few posts will be about Mongolia, so check back here and then.


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