Saturday, October 01, 2011

Movies I'm Digging (Nature)

Climate change, global warming, deforestation, pollution, animal rights, nature protection, and so forth issues relating to the dangers to our Earth has become undeniably clear - we see it all around us. Weather is getting more and more extreme, and more plants and animals are getting extinct, etc.

This heat of discussion is no longer only on the newspapers, tv news and other broadcasts, but it has been documented in films before, and films regarding climate issues are increasing now. You may remember the documentary called the HOME (2009) by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, where it is still broadcasted free by YouTube. Try more of these if you are sick and tired of the typical chick-flicks.

BLUE GOLD: World Water Wars (2009)

It's amazing how little I knew of water privatization in the world; or at least how unaware I was of such dilemma. This documentary will open your eyes, as did to mine, and show how blind we were. The following phrases can't seem to leave my mind:

"Water is power. Water is control. Shortage of water creates rivalry and disputes. It is a type of 'economic colonialism', where developing countries are affected deeply and catastrophically. Rich people, rich countries, and powerful transnational organizations can buy their ways to water supplies, but the poor will be ones suffering and fighting for such a 'public good'".

THE COVE (2009) 

I don't know how they made such a terrible story with a twist of an irony. It made me laugh at how these activists coped with the Japanese polices and authorities, and at the same time brought tears in my eyes when I watched how they slaughter such beautiful dolphins.

I was also unaware of such severe mercury poisoning in fish. God, what can we eat these days? I remember the Food, Inc. (2008 Documentary) almost made me a vegetarian, when they documented how foods are processed and brought to our local supermarkets; and this film is not helping either with my appetite.

WASTE LAND (2010) 

A story of Vik Muniz - an artist who had nothing to "have-it-all" - changing lives of group of people who work in landfill of recycling waste in Brazil. An honorable gesture and donation from a person who got all to those who have little.

BARAKA (1992) - absolutely no words will be said, but the message will be undeniably clear.

Well, what did you think of these documentaries? Isn't it inspiring, informative and captivating? 

Let me know!



  1. thumbs up! i really like how u giving weight to global issues like in those movies ;)

  2. Thanks! I'm deeply drawn to documentaries these days - way more informative, captivating and so truthful.


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