Friday, December 16, 2011

Berlin Love

My trip to Berlin was one-of-the-kind which I'll never forget! I had amazing days, taking photos of various beautiful architecture in the East-West-North-South-Central Berlin, where some of the photos are shown below. I had amazing food, which were thankfully much cheaper than Copenhagen (everything is cheaper than Copenhagen in EU, unless either Norway or Switzerland decides to join EU), so I had no constraints over budget. I had amazing tour around various art galleries, which I love...and so forth. 

However, things went out-of-control in the end. I got lost with no cellphone, no telephone number to call, no wallet, no money, no ID and most scarily no address to take a taxi to. I left my bag to my sister, you see, and I lost her. On top of this madness, I stepped on a broken bottle and started bleeding from my right foot. It was unbelievable how everything was changing from AMAZING to AWFUL. I even sat next to a homeless German old man, who kept talking German to me. I kept replying "I don't understand what you're saying". Well, words can't explain how ridiculous this situation was. But amazingly, I wasn't panicking. For some reason, I knew that I'll be ok - I have no idea why.

Everything started to get better when this German stranger asked me if I were lost in English - and I literally lit up and said "Yes!". I told him about my unbelievable story of how I got here and he merely laughed. We both agreed that we should seek a police, and we walked towards one as soon as we spotted one. When I asked in English "Can you help me find my big sister? I'm lost!", the police responded with "No English!", and my German stranger laughed again and asked him in German where we should go to seek help for such situation.

I ended up going to the nearest police station, but the problems were not solved immediately. Even if I spelled out my sister's full name, birth date and country of origin, they refused to tell her address in Berlin with this explanation: "You can be a dangerous person who can harm her". Haha. I couldn't believe my ears, and I thought I misunderstood their bad German-accent; but no, they were not joking. Here, the German stranger came into a rescue again. He started mumbling words angrily in German and somehow it seemed to convince the German police to pick up the phone and call my sister. 

My sister found me finally after spending so much money on taxi, looking for me from station to station. So, I was safe and everybody was HAPPY!

Sadly, I lost the contact of this wonderful German stranger. I am terrible with names and forget about "learning a phone-number by heart". Nevertheless, I am so thankful and grateful for his help. I don't know what would have happened to me if he hadn't come into a rescue.

Therefore, I dedicate this post to him with a name BERLIN LOVE. 

The chances of him seeing this are low, but it's a worth a try, right?


Hope you enjoyed my photo album from Berlin. Let me know what you think!




  1. batzultai uulhiinsaan

  2. @oggi Bi udahgui butsna. Mongol jijig hoino, taaraldah bailgui de :)

  3. Сайнаар дууссан нь ашгүй дээ. Хүний амьдрал урт, сонин хачин учралаар дүүрэн байдаг юм чинь тэр сайн хүнтэй хэзээ нэг цагт дахин тааралдаж магадгүй л юм.

    1. Setgegdelee huvaaltssand bayarlalaa. Magadgui l yum :)


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