Monday, December 12, 2011

Louisiana Museum - Instagramized

I apologize for my long absence - I had a bachelor thesis to write, julefrokosts to attend and my birthday to celebrate, last November. However, I have also been spending massive amount of time on Instagram! I'm falling madly in love with it! I love photos, taking photos, editing photos, looking at other snapshots from another individual... you get the picture. Well, Instagram is a perfect combination of ALL. If you are also into photography, I'd recommend you to join Instagram and get ready to be drawn heavily into the beauty and arts of the world and the people within.

Here are some of the photos I have instagramized on my Instagram. Louisiana museum in Denmark is one of the most beautiful museum I have been to. Not only the arts, statues and paintings are great; but the actual architecture and design of the museum is amazing. They have used some beautiful light from the nature with big windows and sea-through-glass-walls. The museum is super spacious, and you need to spend the whole day in order to see everything in it. 

Louisiana + Instagram = <3


Little Mermaid with mirror
Louisiana old building
Beautiful architecture with some beautiful touch of nature and light
Families or friends spend a whole day in this big museum
"on a death bed"
Lovely stage
Andy Warhol
Pilot Section - Female

...and last, but not least

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  1. Very cool cuz! Wish I was there to check that out.


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