Sunday, January 22, 2012

Love is My Life

Love makes you weak
Love makes you miserable
Love makes you fragile
Love can be dangerous.

Love keeps you happy
Love keeps you sad
Love keeps you crazy
Love can be unpredictable.

Love can make you cry
Love can make you fly
Love can make you shy
Love can be bitter sweet.

Love can change your life
Love can free your spirit
Love can make you insane
Love can be powerful.

Love is like a music
You need it
You miss it
You can also hate it.

Love is also like four seasons:
Hot in summer
Harsh in autumn
Sweet in spring
Cold in winter.

But you can always be warm with your love within.


I wish all of you love, happiness and joy in 2012.

(ps: sometimes I get inspired to write poems like this)


  1. Хөөх, шүлэг бичдэг юм уу? Энгийн бөгөөд хөөрхөн шүлэг байна. Би блогоор чинь зочлох дуртай. (Keep going, keep writing). Зав гарвал миний блогоор нэг зочлоорой. ккк

    1. thank you! that means a lot.

      I will check your blog out :)

  2. That means people get inspired to write poems like this when they are in love. Right? Joking...

    I am really Batzuled now. Keep blogging girl!

  3. Love is an endurance, like the immortal life
    Love is a light, like illuminate the darkness
    Basically love is you, like your name and charming manner ^^


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