Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Drunk Neighbor Zorigoo

[10pm tonight]

I was washing dishes after dining with my dear old mother. It was my first day at work at PricewaterhouseCoopers today, so I was having a great day at work. I came back home, assuming the wonderful day will stay and end nicely, till a drunk neighbor from the 4th floor, named L. Zorigoo, started to bang on our door, making loud noises and drunk swears, demanding my mother to open the door to such a drunk man like him. My poor mother who lives alone was startled (my father passed away long time ago, and both me and my sister studied and/or worked abroad) and I could see that she was scared. I wondered if this had happened before, when my mother was completely alone. Nevertheless, she boldly answered to the door with a cool voice, saying: "Come back when you are sober and less barbaric. I have no wish to have words with a man with a mind drunk with some evil beverages". [Yes, my mom is very rhetoric, and she does speak with vast vocabularies]. Ignoring my mother's response, he started banging even louder. In return, mother responded: "If you swear or bang on my door once more, I'll call the police! I have no wish to start a fight between neighbors whom I have lived so long with. I have known your late parents and family. How dare you come here with such beastly and barbaric stance? You are being a disgrace to your family". I think my mother's last sentence provoked the drunk boy even more, who is little above my age, and foolishly he banged on my door once more with stronger fist.

This is where I came in and called 112 immediately. I told the police station of what was going on, and surprisingly four huge policemen came right away after 20 minutes. But by the time I was calling the police and/or when my mom told the foolish and pathetic boy that the polices were on their way, he ran upstairs immediately like a scared puppy. By the time the police arrived, there were no more banging and no more screams. So the police asked me: "What is wrong?"

I told him how this supposedly 'my neighbor', who didn't have the guts to come sober and have a talk with my single mother on a day light, disturbed my family's peace and quite in this time of evening. How drunk, abusive, swearing and scary his behavior and words were.

The police didn't look surprised at all at my explanations and told me to file a complaint if he does it again at the police station. I asked if they could go upstairs and have a talk with this drunk man and put some sense to him. But they stared at one another and one told me that Zorigoo would probably not open or answer the door anyway. I demanded them to give it a try nevertheless, and there went all four of them upstairs and knocked on Zorigoo's door. With no surprise, Zorigoo didn't even open the door or answer. Policemen merely laughed and came down to tell me if Zorigoo ever bangs on our door again after we file a report, there will be consequences.


All this argument, banging, yelling and swearing were started from a simple misunderstanding - Zorigoo assumed that we forgot to lock the outer corridor door, and so homeless people were coming and sleeping in. So, he decided to 'agsan tavi' on my mother for that. We did have renovations at our apartment this whole summer and our workers may have forgotten to lock the door. But that doesn't mean he had the right to come down at this time of night and scare my mother with a help of his "alcohol friend". I find this extremely pathetic and unacceptable.

I would like to thank the policemen and the police station who came so quickly to solve this problem. They DO do their jobs. They are not that bad, people.

I'll let you decide and ponder what was right and what was wrong. I really hope Zorigoo would come down and apologize to my mother for his unacceptable behavior. Do you think he will? I am now more worried that he might do this once again, and next time, do something even worse like threaten us with something. What had happened to Mongolia?????? My mother is very shocked and surprised what had become of Zorigoo whom she saw him grew up from young. She blames the alcohol and she hopes that there will be a peace between neighbors, but I am now very very worried.

And to end this night, I would like to raise this question:


Really shocked,

NOTE: Our neighbor Zorigoo apologized to our mother and told her that he is really embarrassed. Nonetheless, I'm refusing to take this post off from my blog - FREEDOM OF PRESS!


  1. because they can not live without drinking sad!

  2. Sorry to hear about this. Hope it won't happen again.

    Glad that at least police were supportive. Coz they're not always like that.

    I'm afraid there are way too many such unacceptable things waiting for you in next couple of months till you got "used to" it. It's not that I'm saying these stuff have to happen, it just happens and very frustrating, u know.

    Take care!

  3. Oh I am so shocked even they are drunk to end in other country. Must be very friendly when we are foreigners.

    Sorry, hope that won't happen again. Peace!

    For that alcohol thing, I hope they gonna stop producing alcohols in every corner of UB. That way at least, our Mongolians can be sober.

    I hope Zorigoo apologize to your mother sincerely. He has to do it! Hope!

  4. Thank you, guys. I am definitely having some cultural shocks that were unexpected. Adapting back to my home country was not as easy as I thought it would be, but I believe in miracles and I truly hope and believe we, the youngsters, can make a change and bring a prosperity to Mongolia.

    Be the change you want to see in this world, right? (Gandhi)

    1. As someone who is adjusting to Mongolia as well after pretty much NEVER living here., I totally get it. I also swear I saw you at Metro last night, haha... As far as alcohol...Sigh... It's sad. I think that alcoholism is tied and woven with so many other issues in Mongolia that perhaps only TIME and a new generation will change it.

  5. Ok first of all that guy is just lame, you don't go bang on someones door just bcuz u think they left a door open and homeless people came in. 2nd he could have told u and ur mother when he was sober, instead he got drunk and then decided to tell which i think he is not brave, he is weak. i think he has other problems, who knows... maybe his life is messed up or smthn. I think he is not a apologize to ur mom. If he does, then i'm wrong abt him :D


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