Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lana Del Rey

Sorry for my long absence! I had my iPhone stolen, so I was completely out of touch from all my blogging and networking world. I have been also helping my mother on her election campaigns, and you have no idea how tired we are from this election 'shows' and dramas. Nevertheless, here I'd like to dedicate this wonderful song, called BORN TO DIE, from a beautiful American writer, singer, video maker and model, Lana Del Ray to those who are sick and tired from this political crap and news.


Lana Del Ray's real name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant. Her songs, looks and talks really remind me of the late Amy Winehouse and Edie Sedgwick (you may know her from Andy Warhol's productions and "Factory Girl" movie). She really seems and looks as if she's high all the time :P Nonetheless, I absolutely love her 50s and 60s style, songs, and the videos she makes.

When I watched her alive performances, I was surprised at how deep voice this tiny woman has! From a deep low, she was able to go high and even rap. Apparently, she grew up listening to Nirvana, Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Bob Dylan and surprisingly EMINEM. She called them the masters of every genre.  

I'm posting some of her videos below. But go ahead and check her other songs and videos: Video Games (the one that made her famous), National Anthem, Diet Mnt Dew, etc. I've been listening to her album for a long time and I'm not tired of it! (I get bored really easily, you know :P)

Lana Del Rey - BORN TO DIE

Lana Del Rey - BLUE JEANS