Sunday, August 26, 2012

Farewell Thoughts

I love the fact that I can go home alone in Copenhagen without getting into any dangerous situation at 3am in the morning - safest city, indeed! I am back in Copenhagen to give back my apartment to the landlord. My wonderful bed, armchair, bookshelves, table and chairs are all SOLD very quickly, surprisingly (I think my photo skills helped with the advertisement); hence, I'm sleeping and eating on the floor, hahahaahaha. It's not that bad, people! I threw a little get-together-evening last night, and me and my friends all shared three big pizzas on the floor. Everybody had a great time and it was one of my best nights. I really missed my friends in Copenhagen so much!

In midst, I couldn't believe that I was leaving Denmark for good.  So surreal. I registered myself out of Denmark at the Kommunen this week and as they acquired my yellow card (social security card), I was very hesitant to give it back. It was like someone snatching your favorite toy from your hands. Then it was official: I am no longer a citizen of Copenhagen! Facing this reality, I sucked it up, and looked at the wonderful weather Copenhagen was blessing me with my arrival. I knew that all I can do now is to enjoy my last days in Denmark (my student visa is expiring on August 31, 2012) and hygge mig along with loved ones.

No words can tell how calm I felt during my stay in Copenhagen. I wasn't too happy, but I wasn't too sad either. It was simply a reality: farewell. 

As I looked back at the times I've spent here, I've realized that I was too judgmental to Denmark, regarding its immigration laws and Folkeparti (hope I spelled it right). I had my worst and best times in Denmark, and I'm appreciating how much I've learned and grown from my mistakes and successes here. I am grateful that I've experienced such a wonderful Scandinavian education, culture, welfare system, and most importantly, friendship. Hence, I apologize for been to harsh on Denmark and I thank you now instead!


Anyways, last night, I have discovered this smallest, but very nice gesture from my friends. I have realized that I was making 4 Danes speak English all night just because I was there. Even though they know that I understand Danish language a bit, they spoke English regardless, all night, from my place till Strøm music festival. I didn't even realize we were speaking English the whole time till this Danish stranger asked me if I had a lighter in Danish. I replied "ohhh nej, desværre" and I looked at my friends with open eyes: even though I wasn't in the conversation they kept on talking English! I never thought about this before, so it was a nice discovery.

I also discovered another thing. As I was describing my life back in Mongolia to my friends in Copenhagen - my job, love life, friends, family and mining boom. My girlfriend told that I have it all in Mongolia. I got silent for awhile and I didn't realize that I actually DID have it all in Ulaanbaatar. This made me think how ignorant and complaining person I have become, and made me feel bad a bit. But I was happy to realize it now at least! Appreciate what you have, people!

Whenever you are in one place you miss the other, and when you go to that place you miss the other back - crazy. We all need to learn to appreciate the moment and cherish what you have right now. I have had a wonderful life in Denmark, and I do have it all in UB. I am realizing it just now - so silly.


Don't repeat my mistake of being ignorant, people! Cherish your life whenever and wherever you are.

More later,


  1. dear you. well i only met you once- and on that day you enjoyed yourself i think. the instagramwalk wouldnt have been the same without you. Enjoy every day off your life- for the quality of every day. and enjoy iphone(5):) @carstenburke

    1. Thank you, Carsten! I'll post my photos as soon as I have iPhone5 on my hands :) It was so much fun - the photo-tour! Tak for det!

  2. Uu huurhun yum bichdiimbe!! Uonnnanananananna..

  3. I have been judgemental here too.

    Cherish your life whenever & wherever you are-That is nice expression!

    Then, Welcome back home!

    1. Thank you! and thank you for following my blog and reading them for so long. I really appreciate it :)

  4. i read your blog every now and then and i enjoy your honesty behind all your writings... Congrats on your graduation from your university and good luck on your new job in UB! :)
    Just out of interes, when you started your own blog for the first time, were you ever anxious about who would be your readers and what you would write on your blog? i would love to have my own blog ... one day...

  5. thank you!

    Answer to your question: I didn't really think about what will come out of my blog or who would read my blog. I mainly did it for my friends back in Mongolia; for Danes who are interested know about int. student life; and rest of the world really. However, I never knew who would actually read it.

    Some say my blog is too personal, but i have nothing to hide, and facebook was not as cool/expressive as a blog. I try my best to give advice to people (scholarhips opportunities, etc). Realized that i was always in my little bubble, and i want people to know that there are more out there and we can get more out of life.


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