Saturday, February 02, 2013

Langeland - the longest island in Denmark

I've developed a little obsession with Instagram, lately. Every lunch breaks or whenever I have a free time, I just simply take a shot and put it on Instagram and start hash-tagging - and VOILA, likes likes likes likes. My devotion to photography is also drawing me more to this, since getting a feedback on your works and shots is a great feeling. The only thing I despise of Instagram is the fact that all photos have to be square!! 

Anyways, hope you all like my summer holiday photos of Langeland, Denmark '12 - an island of only few residents: empty beaches, gentle sound of shore waves, birds singing, cherries, clean water and lots of jelly fish :P It was a perfect get-away from my city life.


  1. Goy zuragnuud baina shdee! ayvas bn hehe :D sur.nhaa suragnuudaas hiigeerei, bi exchange.r yvah gd ih sonirhood hehe..

    1. Hi,

      Bayaralalaa! haramsaltai ni minii surguuliin zurguud private bolohoor bi blog deer tavidaggui yumaa.

      gehdee xchange-r yavsan buh humuus ih setgel hangaluun bdg buguud bur ihenh butsaj irj masters degree hiideg. so you won't regret it.

      best of luck,


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