Monday, September 16, 2013

Funny Emergency Evacuation at Central Tower Today

All employees were told to get out of the office due to potential bomb threat at the Central Tower this afternoon. When we got out of the office, the security lady on our floor told us to take the elevator down (aren't we supposed to take the stairs??). Anyways, once we reached the lobby, we tried to get out of the front entrance, but the receptionist lady said "It is not safe to go out through the front door. Please, take the elevator down to the B1 parking floor" (huh, where the bomb would highly likely to be??!), [utterly mortified and without any choice] we took the elevator down again and everyone in the elevator joked about how we were headed to the bombing source. Finally when we got into the parking basement, the security guys directed us to the Exit. Most ironically, that exit led us right out to the Central Tower fountain area - the dangerous zone the receptionist lady pointed out!!!! Cursing and laughing at the same time we came to this conclusion: CENTRAL TOWER IS NOT READY!