Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Online Courses From The Best Universities In The World For FREE

You do not need to go to Ivy League schools (i.e.: Harvard, MIT and Dartmouth) and pay massive amounts (minimum US$40,000) anymore to learn from their courses. Some of the best universities in the world have gathered together and posted their courses online at edX

I have personally just finished learning (PH201x) "Health and Society" from Harvard and I absolutely applaud the simplicity and availability of the course. This online course has been recommended by my cousin who just went to Harvard for his studies and I'd like to thank him for making me aware of this amazing world of knowledge!

Sharing is indeed caring; hence, please, have a go at it. You simply go to www.edx.org, sign up, browse through the different courses (which range from politics to economics and various other topics, such as: science, finance, health, education, philosophy, infrastructure, etc) and START LEARNING! What's even more, if you pass the exams and completes the courses on time, you get a certificate from the universities and some even verify/put your name on the certificate.

These courses are, however, all in English and require an advanced English skills to learn it. Nevertheless, it is possible for you to pause and even download the scripts to read/learn it slowly. Small steps...eh?

May Mongolia get more and more bright Mongolians!



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