Wednesday, September 30, 2015

You Make Me Fat And Happy

When I am miserable
You know that I am faking the "happy" face
When I am sad
You know just how to cheer me up

When I am lonely and homesick
You come flying so fast
When you bring home to me
You make a long distance so much sweeter 

When I am happy
You are the first person I want to call
When I am down
You are the first person I want to call

When I take a risk
I know that I am safe with you
When I do not take any risk
You push me to the edge

When I am sick
You take care of me like I am a little baby
When I am sleepless
You speak with me all night (till I pass out)

You make me feel safe and secure
You make me fat and happy
You make me stronger and most importantly loved
I hope I make you feel the same

I hope I am not too much of a burden
I hope I push you too
I hope I give you joy
I hope I am enough

You are my best friend
You are my teacher
You are my rock
You are my love.

Thank you for being there for me.
So much love,

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  1. Sain u? ene ih goyo bichigdjee. Oort chin zoriulsan uu?


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