Tuesday, December 20, 2016

UB Post - Prime Interview

A lot of people contacted me after my interview on ikon.mn's #EarlyBirds #ӨглөөнийХүн series in October. My LinkedIn, Gmail and Facebook exploded with emails and message requests. 

Mostly fresh college graduates and ladies in maternity leave asking for some career advise, mothers asking about schools to send their kids to, people abroad who are thinking of moving back to Mongolia, people asking how I learnt my English, and some men who clearly didn't read my interview (especially the part that I am engaged) and asking me out for a coffee. Anyways, till this date, I still haven't finished replying back. I only managed to finish replying on LinkedIn and Gmail, but still working on my Facebook messages. 

These messages were from Mongolians only, but all of a sudden, foreigners and the expat community started congratulating me in mid November. I didn't understand why till my friend from ING bank told me that my interview was on the UB POST as the Prime Interview (full page!?!). I couldn't believe it, so I asked my friend to take a photo and send it to me, and to my surprise this photo came:


Truthfully speaking, I do not think I deserve this much attention and exposure. I am just a hard working lady, minding my own business. Definitely not running for any politics and I am genuinely surprised at why my interview is getting so much attention. 

Till this date, I still get surprised when ladies stop me in the bathroom or at restaurants, tell me that they have read my interview, also experienced "women do not support women" situation, and start talking about their life, basically. [I am a complete stranger to you! I could be a psychopathic killer. Why are you talking to me?] Anyways, one of the most funny and common comments would be the fact that I gained weight and they always ask if I am pregnant. 

Finally, I should note that one of the best things that happened, after this interview, is that my client base expanded exponentially - locally and internationally. People started asking me to rent their apartments here and there, asking me to valuate their apartments, etc. It definitely gave a positive impact to my career. However, I understand that it comes with huuuuuuge responsibilities and expectations, so I will do my best to be the best I can be and excel at work, but I really wish people stop asking if I am pregnant though. 

Anyways, bye for now. Hope you are all enjoying your New Year parties :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

My personal interview on "EarlyBirds" series on ikon.mn

I had the honor and pleasure of giving my very first personal interview on ikon.mn #EarlyBirds #ӨглөөнийХүн series. It was an absolute pleasure to speak with Bolortuya Ch., the Editor-in-Chief of the ikon.mn news web portal for two days. Please, check it out and let me know your thoughts :)

I talked about my family, school, studying abroad in University of Copenhagen in Denmark and working in PwC, SkyPath Partners and APIP in Hong Kong. Also talked about investment, what investors always ask me and finally the real estate sector of Mongolia. Only in Mongolian though.

Г.Батзул: Олон улсад өөрийгөө сорих боломжтой учир Хонг Конгт ажиллах саналыг хүлээж авсан.

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