Born two years before the collapse of Soviet Union, I am a young professional from Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia, raised in a transition economy from a centrally-planned-closed economy to an open-market economy. Growing up in such economic-political-cultural-transition has led me to take my bachelor degree in economics at University of Copenhagen in Denmark (a graduate of 2012), despite my other interests in journalism and arts.

I have always been honored to be the first Mongolian student at University of Copenhagen. It is/has been a great journey, which matured me to some degree I cannot express. I have been active at most extracurricular activities at my school (i.e.: tutoring, mentoring, working as a journalist at University Post, and also as a consultant at the Economist Without Borders NPO) and that helped me experience a student life to the fullest in Copenhagen.

I moved back home to Ulaanbaatar, because PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC ("PwC"), one of the "Big 4" firms in the world, recruited me into their Advisory Department straight after my final exams to assist Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi ("ETT") IPO in Mongolia. Unfortunately ETT IPO never happened and instead I helped the Assurance Department with audits on various companies in Mongolia till the founders of SkyPath Partners LLC ("SkyPath") approached me and offered me an advisory position in Mongolia (+ some business travels to Hong Kong), which I couldn't say no to.

I have learnt how to read, audit and understand financial statements in PwC (I called it the micro analysis); and vice versa I have learnt how to see the big picture, make an impact and invest in projects in SkyPath (the macro analysis).

However, Mongolia started loosing investments, and the investors started fleeing from us. It was so hard to watch my country go from "The Fastest Developing Country in the World" to "Do Not Invest in Mongolia" status in three years. I felt down and felt like I let down my country as a citizen. People started losing their jobs as companies with foreign investments started closing their businesses in Mongolia; and many bright Mongolians once again started to go abroad for employment or started studying for their MBAs. My boss always joked "If things go bad in your country, go and do your MBA abroad" - which was another way of defining a brain drain in a country.

I was thinking of doing my MBA too till I got headhunted by Asia Pacific Investment Partners ("APIP"), offering me a permanent position as a Business Development Manager in Hong Kong, representing Mongolia with a goal of bringing back investments again. Without any hesitation, I immediately said "Yes!".

What I have learnt from total of 6 years of employment is that new opportunities will always present itself as long as you are happy with your life, happy with your work, happy with your family and friends and most importantly happy with yourself. Many companies will try to hire you, because they want you to succeed in their empire too, but always remember what YOU really want in life/work and never choose a company just because of a fame.

With that being said, I'd like to note that despite my busy schedules, I still love to write, express my thoughts, take photos, capture moments and express my emotions in my free time. With my blog, I can share my thoughts with people all around the world and participate in such amazing global blogging world, which is deeply captivating me. I thank all the people who support, criticize and comment on my blog - your thoughts, whether positive or negative, motivate me to blog more.

I heart you & your thoughts.


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  1. Hello? i really like your blog. i found your blog accidently(it's like a magic, just accidently...) yesterday and in a day i read all your posts twice hehe i really want to make friend with you,I want to share my thoughts with you. Reply me pls???

    1. Oh dear, I have not noticed this comment of yours - my apologies! Feel free to reach out. Best, B.

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